Natalya Romanovsky


Natalya Romanovsky, a European native, emigrated from Moldova to the United States in 1993. She received her education at Kishinev's Art College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in graphic design. Romanovsky incorporates many basic techniques and styles, yet, she is able to give them her own interpretation.

Romanovsky’s paintings are a combination of vibrant color, rich texture, and much movement, which makes them extremely exciting. Her use of the human body in many of her paintings shows her vim and vigor for life. Her love of people is exemplified by the elegant lines used as the figures swoop and curve over her canvas. There exists a mysterious and intriguing ambience in every painting, reminiscent of something surrealistic, leaving the viewer to find a simple meaning of life in each one.

Romanovsky begins her creative journey by first sketching a rough idea on the canvas. Then as each shape and object takes shape, she believes each "finds it has soul and speaks to me with a playful spirit." Once these souls are found, the painting is completed. These semi-abstract paintings are from the heart and incredibly honest in their presentation.